Storage & Cleaning Products

Our Housewares department includes a large selection of cleaning products and home necessities including brooms, mops brushes, and more. Cleaning liquids, detergents, and specialty finish products for floors and furniture can be found in a few locations, so if you have questions about where to find the exact product you're looking for, don't hesitate to ask one of our team members in-store. Our selection of cleaners, polishes, and other cleaning products are made to protect your home from the elements, inside and out.

RONA Powell River Building Supply is also the authorized dealer for Beam Vacuum products, including large commercial piping and other air filtration systems. We can assist you with everything you or your company needs to install an entire in-house system. We stock a number of top selling Beam Vacuums with all the necessary piping and accessories required to furnish your home with one of the top rated brands in North America.

Vacuums in Powell River

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